Covid-19 Help

Our hearts go out to all who are affected medically and/or financially. As we all navigate the threats and challenges posed by COVID-19, getting timely information, advice, support is essential. We understand that money may be in short supply and we will work with you – we are your partner in good times and bad.
Covid 19 help

We have expertise across a variety of industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Financial Services & Private Equity
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer & Hospitality
  • Cannabis
  • Entertainment & Gaming
  • Insurance
  • Non-Profit

These are some services that we can provide you to make it through the virus shutdown and to recover as well as possible:


If you are one of the many businesses impacted by the virus to the point of no return, we can help you navigate the various legal requirements for dissolving your business and addressing claims. While we can’t turn back the clock, we can help you maximize value and minimize risk as you wind up your corporate affairs.

Financial Relief

We can help you make sense of and apply for aid available from grassroots, local, state and federal organizations. What is available is evolving daily. We are staying on top of it (for ourselves too!) and can help you customize and execute a plan based on your circumstances to support and/or stabilize your business whether through the SBA, the federal stimulus package, tax relief, business interruption claims, or programs to support your industry locally.

On-Call Legal Support

We are happy to work for you on a fixed fee basis to be available to answer questions, keep you up to speed on news and available relief packages, deal with your workforce, minimize liability as you navigate these uncharted waters, or simply want a second set of smart, experienced legal and business minds to bounce ideas and strategies off. Or, we can provide focused help in any of the areas below as you work to protect your family, your workforce, and your business during this crisis.

Labor & Employment

During this time, what you do with and for your staff will likely determine whether you have a business after this crisis resolves. We can help you determine the best course of action for your workforce and, based on the strategy developed, work with you to execute.

Real Estate

For many small and mid-sized business, rent (lease payments or commercial mortgage payments) is one of the largest line items expenses. And many cannot make these payments right now. We will work with you and your landlord or bank to create a defensive plan to conserve cash in this area. And, if you are among those who see an opportunity to renegotiate or shed underperforming real estate assets during this time, we can help you take that fight to a better future.


Partnering with accountants that we work with regularly, we will help you navigate the many changes and the daily guidance being issued by both federal and state governments with regard to filing, timing, deductions, and relief options.

Corporate Governance

During this unprecedented time when no one has one-size-fits-all answers based on previous experience, what responsibilities and liabilities do Directors and Officers face as they act to protect their workforce and their business? We are experienced in existing requirements and regulations and up to speed on the emerging change or exemptions. We can work with you to assess risk, navigate options, and avoid unnecessary liability.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Despite the forced shutdown, lenders are still funding and investors are still looking for opportunity. If you are an investor looking to buy during the downcycle or you own a business that you’d like to exit during this time, we can represent you to get the best deal possible.


If you think you have a claim, whether a small one or a bet the company one, we can review your situation, advise on options and, if necessary, represent you in court. We prefer to settle as it is typically much more cost effective for you. But, in these unprecedented times, we fully expect the courts to get a strong workout as business owners both pursue and receive lawsuits that the litigating party believes will help them during or post-crisis.


We have no idea how COVID-19 will play out as beds, equipment, and options for healthcare become increasingly scarce. Whether you are a consumer with a family member being denied care or a health system triaging care, we can help you through the uncharted waters of a growing shortage of healthcare support in this country.


We will work with you as you weather the storm of COVID-19 to stabilize, restructure, and emerge from the crisis whether in or out of court. We will create a strategy based on the specifics of your circumstances that maximizes your chances of recovery and minimizes your risk.