Why Mohen Cooper?

Why Mohen Cooper?

Why Mohen Cooper?

Mohen Cooper LLC

Partner with us when you need…

  • An annoying problem fixed
  • A "bet the company" crisis managed
  • Financing or recapitalization
  • Expert legal support at predictable prices
  • A partner
  • Results

We offer best of breed service models that give you an expert partner at predictable costs that increase your chances of maximizing value and minimizing risk. These include:

  • Hourly billing for small tasks
  • Concierge support for full service legal management
  • Fractional in-house counsel for a day to day partner

We are like you and we treat you the way we want to be treated.  We don’t leave you with the junior guy.  We always return your calls.  No matter is too small.  You are important to us.  We are a boutique firm like you and we understand.

  • Perceptive - Ask the hard questions and think creatively about the issues
  • Action-oriented - Never quit. If it’s not working, believe that there is a way and find it
  • Integrity - Do the right thing at every step even when no one is watching, no matter how scary or hard
  • Invested - We succeed when you succeed
  • Respectful - We treat everyone with respect, no matter what
  • Humble - The difference between success and failures is often a very small distance
  • Practical - Plan for downturns and drive toward success
  • Partnering - Teach and learn at every opportunity to create long-term self-sustainability